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Free Two-Week Webinar Series Will Empower Nurses to Effect Positive Change in Healthcare

Posted over 3 years ago by Gretchen Armbruster

Free Two-Week Webinar Series Will Empower Nurses to Effect Positive Change in Healthcare

Indianapolis, IN, March 23, 2015 – Just prior to National Nurses Week, nurses nationwide can access a free online training series by nurses, for nurses. The Empowered Nurses Book Webinar Series will be available from April 20 - May 1, 2015. According to the event sponsor, Lorie Brown, this training is vital because, "Nursing is the nation's largest health care profession, yet many nurses feel invisible and powerless to effect change."

As a nurse herself, and an attorney that represents nurses, Lorie Brown believes that empowering the over 3 million nurses nationwide would have major positive repercussions on healthcare in this country. There are 210,000 unnecessary deaths in hospitals each year. Nurses often have the answers to drastically reduce this number but are often too afraid to say anything.

Lorie Brown, is also the editor and co-author of the new book, "From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses' System." In the upcoming webinar series Ms. Brown interviews her co-authors, who are also nurses, on practical ways for nurses to:

• Create a healthy, positive nursing environment.
• Communicate successfully to get the support they need.
• Develop leadership skills to positively impact their unit.
• Speak their mind and stand in their power to make the change necessary to improve patient care.

All of the co-authors are nurses who loved their profession but realized that something was not quite right with nursing. In each of these webinars, listeners will benefit from heartfelt, real-life advice on how these empowered nurses found a way to rise above the problems and create meaningful and fulfilling lives for themselves.

Instead of blaming doctors, supervisors or the status-quo culture at many hospitals, nurses will be encouraged to empower their career in order to make a difference. Ms. Brown believes that every nurse can make a positive impact in healthcare. Nurses simply need to sign-up ahead of time in order to enjoy this free webinar series that begins April 20th at:

About Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD
Lorie is the editor and co-author of, "From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses' System." She has maintained her life-long love of the nursing profession. However, the frustrating limitations caused by antiquated rules, nursing culture, and unit status quo caused Lorie to shift her focus to law. For over 23 years, she's been representing nurses and other health professionals. In 2012, she founded Empowered Nurses (ENO) and subsequently wrote her book, "Law And Order For Nurses: The Easy Way to Protect Your License and Your Livelihood." To learn more visit or call 317- 465-1065.