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Do you have an opinion about the future of CSCSPN? Join the discussion!

Posted over 4 years ago by Ann Terrill-Torrez

Our Member meeting in October will discuss this.  See the Event page for more info.  But we can start the discussion now.  Share your thoughts with other members below. 

we will work to keep the pros and cons list updated.


Mary M. Ciambelli about 4 years ago

Hello All,

I will be attending the October 2 meeting and participating in the discussion. I would like to note that C.N.A. has a paid professional lobbyist who advocates for all nurses in Colorado, including psychiatric nurses. I would encourage all psychiatric nurses in Colorado to be members of their professional nursing organization (ANA and or CNA) and support their joining APNA or ISPN as they prefer.
Membership in APNA comes with an electronic membership only membership in ANA. It does not include a full membership in ANA or any membership in the Colorado Nurses Association. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what is included in APNA membership.
The Colorado Nurses Association does have a state only membership category that is more affordable than joining both ANA and CNA. As a long time member of ANA I would recommend full ANA/CNA membership but I also understand the high cost of membership in multiple associations.

Michael Rice about 4 years ago

I have grave concerns about folding CSCSPN and moving to APNA. APNA is restricted under the IRS charter from doing more than 20% of its activities in any significant lobbying efforts It is an educational, training research group by definition according to the IRS guidelines. Here in Co the organization is brand new....I mean a few months old. They are just now defining structure, activities etc... and have an equal focus on the line and staff psych nurses. There are very few active members yet and people would lose a political voice if they dropped from CSCSPN\ANA and joined APNA.

The ANA affiliate is an interesting issue . Affiliate Membership results in Free and discounted CE, ANA Smart Briefs Access to ANA policy and online journals. I know from my role on the National Board of Directors for APNA that ANA will ask affiliates for input but the position is ANA’s. I would not like to see us loose the Lobbying and political influence piece because of confusion about the focus and purpose of the two organizations.

I think we need to keep CSCSPN but update the name... And keep our voice through CNA!

Caiti Collins about 4 years ago

I strongly oppose disbanding CSCSPN. Our voice as Psychiatric APNs is probably going to be more valuable now than it ever was as the discussion evolves on the subject of prescriptive authority here in the state of Colorado There are many changes that may occur that may send more new grads out of the state for more professional opportunities, not to mention decreasing the options for psychiatric care here in Colorado. As a unified organization, we may assert ourselves into this continuing dialogue with the very real hope of influencing decisions on educational and certification policy issues in meaningful and creative ways that will maintain the integrity of our philosophy of care while insuring continued excellence in patient care and fiscal responsibility for the health care system in Colorado. And as the turf war between APNs and MDs wages on, we are proving to be a legitimate, formidable, and viable solution on issue of providing affordable health care.
I am willing to do what needs to be done at this point to keep us going.
To Anne Torrez, I say, “Sign me up.” What post do I need to volunteer for in order to keep this organization moving forward? My email is and my cell is 303-386-5373. Don’t give up people. CSCSPN is a necessary voice to be heard as political debate continues and the need for affordable health care wages on!

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