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Report Re Prescriptive Authority

Posted over 4 years ago by Laura Mehringer

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CNA's GAPP committee met with members of DNA's 30 & 31 (CSCSPN) on 7/23/14 re problems with the 3600 hr requirement & the supervision requirements and other issues re Rx authority. These concerns have been discussed by a partnership of groups affected including CNA, rural health groups who are desperately short of providers, and others.  NUMEROUS graduating APNs have been unable to find jobs under the current law. Access to care for pts has severely suffered while qualified APNs have been unable to help meet that need. See the attached handout for details of CNA's GAPP committee's recommendations (which I represent CSCSPN on and psych APN CNA Pres Mary Ciambelli also sits on) which were taken to the partnership group. See the attached handout for that group's recommendations. The partnership, which CNA was appointed the leader of, presented these recommendations to NPATCH (Nurse-physician advisory task force re health care in Colo) and their recommendations are in the 3rd column of the attached summary.  Please be aware the majority of the nursing reprentatives realize the need for a period of "transition to practice" or mentoring before full prescribing. A Major improvement would be experienced prescribing APN's being authorized to oversee the new grads without physician involvement. 

The attached is a working document and could easily change including the NPATCH recommendations. Our hope is to continue the process and present a bill to the 2015 legislature that looks like the current NPATCH recommendations.

I will keep you posted on updates. I may not be able to answer every email with your questions & concerns but might instead send group emails or info.

IF ANY OF YOU ARE NOT CSCSPN/CNA members the above is a BIG reason to join. MANY RESOURCES INCLUDING SIGNIFICANT DUES MONEY IS NEEDED TO ACCOMPLISH THE ABOVE.  Without resources nothing would change except changes in the wrong direction, without any nursing control. 

Laura Mehringer, CSCSPN Legislative Chair & NPAC Chair


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