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Civil Commitment Definintions Bill Died in State Senate

Posted over 4 years ago by Laura Mehringer

The civil commitment definition bill (1386) has been postponed indefinitely (killed) by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill was brought up 5/2/14 at 8am for a committee hearing and then laid over until later in the day for action only.

As you may recall, the first civil commitment bill was also killed because it could not gather republican support in the Senate after there was strong opposition by the gun lobby. On Thursday 5/1, we had heard that Sen. King (R-Grand Junction) had signed on to co-sponsor. However, earlier today he had his name removed from the bill. For this reason, there was no republican support for the bill and Senate President Carroll did not want the bill to come to a vote out of concern more democrats would face recall elections.

Above was reported by the CNA Lobbyists.


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