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Legislative Committee Report as of 4/16/2014

Posted over 4 years ago by Laura Mehringer

HB 1253 Civil Commitment Bill has died. Possible definitions to become a 2nd bill before leg session to end. Died because Gun Owners Assoc opposed it and fear of recall of legislators if they vote against the Gun Owners Assoc.

SB -088- Suicide Prevention Commission - passed Senate, to be introduced in House. CNA/CSCSPN Support

SB- 064 - Use of Isolated Confinement Mental Illness-- Restricts Isolated confinement for offenders with serious mental illnesses and requires they be housed in more appropriate facilities and provides these inmates with opportunity for therapy and out-of-cell time - Passed Senate, Assigned to Judiciary in House. WE SUPPORT

SB- 021 Persons with Mental Illness Criminal Justice-- Extends the legislative oversight committee for the continuing Examination of the treatment of persons with mental illness who are involved in criminal and juvenile justice system - Passed Senate, In the House.WE SUPPORT

HB 1283 ModifyRX Drug Monitoring Program. Passed House, to Senate Committee. WE SUPPORT

HB 1271 Mental Health Duty to Warn Target Entities - Passed House and Senate, signed by Governor.