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HEY! STEP UP!! We are still seeking our CSCSPN Director of Education!

Posted over 4 years ago by Ann Terrill-Torrez

Is it your turn to help CSCSPN fufill its strategic plan through directing our educational offerings?    Do you have ideas that you would like to see implemented? 

CSCSPN Values Statement:

Members of CSCSPN of the CSCSPN are committed to and support:

The public's right to psychiatric/mental health services that include prevention, treatment and rehabilitation towards the goal of optimal mental health
The public's right to mental health services that promote human dignity, autonomy and worth
The roles of APNs demonstrate increased knowledge and refined expertise in applying this knowledge in psychiatric/mental health nursing practice.
Psychiatric APN's make a unique contribution to mental health in Colorado.


GOAL 1: CSCSPN is a respected, recognized, and powerful advocate for mental health and APN nursing in Colorado

  • Support research in psychiatric mental health nursing

 GOAL 2: We are responsive to changing times in the overall community and Health care arena. CSCSPN is fresh and new with new branding

  •      Keep members abreast of emerging best practices


 GOAL 3: CSCSPN uses the latest technology to serve members

Create a technology committee to:

  • Evaluate current and recommended technologies and advise the board to maximize the use of social media and internet to connect with members and help members network and connect with each other.


 GOAL 4: CSCSPN is source of authentic support for members in various roles and stages of life and career. Members have a strong sense of esprit de corps. The talent, wisdom, experience of members is recognized, valued and shared with each other and the community

  • Conduct data gathering and analysis to understand the composition of our membership to identify programs and services that meet our members needs and interests
  • Complete the Program and Service Evaluation Matrix
  • Complete the Member Market Segment Evaluation Matrix
  • Provide more venues for members to share their work, research, etc.
  • Promote mentoring and consultation among members
  • Identify opportunities to support and retain new Colorado PMH APNs in their roles

GOAL 5: CSCSPN is a well known and respected referral source for MH healthcare

  •     Increase visibility of PMH APNs to state and national policy makers


ANCC  Recertification Requirements effective January 1, 2014, are:

1. All renewal applicants will be required to fulfill Category 1 (75 contact hours) as half of their

professional development requirement. The other half may be fulfilled with any professional development category (2 through 6).

2. All advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists) must include at

least 25 contact hours of pharmacotherapeutics to fulfill their Category 1 requirement.

CATEGORY 6: Professional Service

Complete 2 or more years of volunteer service during your certification period with an international, national, state, or local healthcare-related organization in which your certification specialty expertise is required. Accepted volunteer activities include serving on boards of directors, committees, editorial boards, review boards, and task forces.

Documentation: Complete the professional service section of the Professional Development Record.