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President’s Recap of Emergency Board Meeting on 12/2/2015

Posted about 3 years ago by Caiti Collins

President's Recap of Emergency Board Meeting on 12/2/2015

Present at the meeting were Ruby Martinez, Carolyn Dacres, Tanya Sorrell, Michael Rice, Donna Strickland, Mary Schuchman, Laura Mehringer, Cameron Garrett, Louise Suit, Mary Bobye, Caiti Collins, and Linda Dwyer our secretary.

The CAPPN Board met to provide an open discussion of the future of the Fall Institute (FI) in addition to its relationship to the CAPPN Society.

A little history:
Over the course of this past year, the FI has been a subject of several conversations at CAPPN board meetings based primarily on current board members' concerns about whether CAPPN should/would/could be more involved in the production and content of the FI. We invited Louise Suit to our October board meeting to discuss the afore mentioned. As a result of that meeting, we began an investigation into the origins of the FI and whether in fact it falls under the auspices (def: approval and support; guiding sponsorship; patronage) of CAPPN. We found this in the Full History of the Fall Institute accessible on the ENP website:

"In 1985 the base of operations for the institute was transferred to the Colorado Society for Clinical specialists in Psychiatric Nursing. Institute coordinators will be elected annually from the Society membership and they will relate to the Committees on Education of the Society, and through that committee, to the executive structure of the Society."

A review of CAPPN Bylaws (2013 version), Mission Statement, and Strategic Plan revealed little else to illuminate the situation. What was revealed during our open meeting on 12/2 was a long and very personal history on the part of those dedicated and committed to the ongoing success of the FI for the benefit of all Psychiatric APNs in the state of Colorado and parts beyond. We all agreed that the FI should and in fact will continue, at least for 2016 in its current incarnation. FI planning committee chair of years past Louise Suit, suggested FI presence at future CAPPN board meetings.

Complicating the situation is the march of progress and CAPPN's association with the Colorado Nurses Association, which is our state affiliate of the ANA. At present, CAPPN holds and manages its own funds and check book. This is not, as it turns out, strictly kosher in the realm of best practice. And this in and of itself would maybe not have set off so many red flags if it weren't for the fact that checks to fund the most recent FI in September, 2015 were being sent to CNA and then forwarded to those folks on the planning committee of FI. Two issues arise out of this setup. One, the money doesn't go through CAPPN so CAPPN can't account for the money when we do our annual financial report. Two, "CNA has liability insurance, which only covers CNA, not DNA's or SIG's, making the CNA Board responsible for those funds, with no authority or accountability for the expenditure of those funds. This does need to change from a CNA perspective." (per Colleen Casper, Executive Director of CNA)

So, the take home messages are:
1) The FI will continue for the next calendar year. There is a planning committee formed and working on the next FI
2) Negotiations will occur over the next couple of months to iron out the exact nature of the association between FI and CAPPN. (As of now, there is a friendly and cooperative
3) A dialogue with CNA is in progress to reach an agreement about how CAPPN and FI funds are managed per ANA/CNA standards.

As an endnote, we did lose our Education chairs Laurie Reeder and Deb Collins as a result of the complicated reactions and feelings associated with bringing all this up in the first place. They will be sorely missed.

I invite, indeed the entire executive board invites all CAPPN members to participate in the continuing dialogue in regards the FI and its future.

Caiti Collins